Toddlers, Elementary Age, Teens and Adult Classes

imageMusicianship Courses

Classes are designed to develop the aural, written, reading, and playing skills of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. (If a student has had prior piano lessons a musical assessment is required)

Jitterbugs, Age 2

Beebopper, Age 3

Pianorama Junior, Ages 4-6

Pianorama Primary, Ages 7-12

image Vocal Ensembles Classes



Motif (means a musical idea that builds), Ages 6-10

An ensemble just for our smallest vocalists, this group will build on our previous term. Students will learn songs from a variety of styles and cultures, and develop their love for music and performing. (One year of musicianships course required)


Appassionato (means with passion), Ages 11- 17

A Pop ensemble for teens. Building on our previous term, we will learn harmony, blending, background singing, and performance techniques!

Dolce (means sweetly), Ages 11-17

Jazz ensemble for teens. This is not just your Grandma’s jazz! Groups like Pentatonix and Take 6 have helped keep this uniquely American art form thriving and moving forward in exciting ways.

image Adult Vocal Classes

Ages 17 and up

Acceso Group (means On fire)-auditions required

This amateur choir for adults will feature a variety of music styles and will ignite (or re-ignite) your passion for choral singing. 

Pop’in Choir - no auditions required

No need to commit to an ongoing class, just reserve your space on a class-by-class basis and show up ready to sing. Bring your friends, for a fun night out! (Mature teens are also welcome.)

 imageString Classes 

Ukulele, Ages 6-12

These beginner group string classes will provide instruction on reading, chord progression, proper finger techniques, rhythm skills, songs and more. Recommended for students interested in guitar.